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1992 Suzuki Swift (red) and 1993 Geo Metro The ForkenSwift was built by combining the best parts from this red 1993 Suzuki Swift (which turned out to be too rusty to use) and the blue 1992 Geo Metro.

For more information on why we chose this car as a platform, see the 1992 Geo Metro gallery & info page.

1993 Suzuki Swift

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1993 Suzuki Swift

Fresh from driving it back from the seller's place, the 1993 Suzuki Swift 1.3L, 4 cylinder, 5-speed transmission. Runs well, shifts well, drives fairly squirrely, owing to a rusted/badly repaired control arm mount.

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1993 Suzuki Swift
Fresh from driving it back from the seller's place, the 1993 Suzuki Swift 1.3L, 4 cylinder, 5-speed transmission. Runs ...
Suzuki Swift rear three quarter view
Suzuki Swift rear view
Parts sold from the red Suzuki Swift
After deciding that the Swift's underbits were too rusty to repair, we swapped its best parts over to the blue car. The...
bb test
Suzuki Swift rusty floor
Here's why we abandoned this car as a potential host: the carpet pulled up reveals massive amounts of rust in the floor....
Suzuki Swift rusty floor from underneath
Rust as seen from underneath the Suzuki....
Swift wheel out of position
Here you can see what happened when the broken control arm mount was repaired without aligning it back to specifications...
Suzuki Swift metal donor
Not only did the red car serve as a donor of mechanical & cosmetic parts, but it was also the source of raw material: sh...
Swift SOHC 1.3L engine
The car's SOHC 1.3L 12-valve engine ran well, had decent compression, and was sold along with the engine computer to a S...
Suzuki Swift 5-speed transaxle
I bought the transaxle from Project ForkenSwift and installed it in my 3-cylinder car because it has a taller final driv...
Suzuki Swift stripped of drivetrain and most other parts
Here's the Swift stripped down - no drivetrain, and many cosmetic and other parts removed....
Swift before and after
Shortly after getting it to the house, and after it had been stripped....
Swift DIY tow bar
How do you get a drivetrain-less car from town out to its resting place in the country? DIY tow bar. The 4x4 wood is b...
Swift hooked up to Ivan's pickup
The Swift is ready to be towed away....
Swift out to pasture
We made the decision to hang onto the shell of the Swift just in case we happen to need any glass or body panels for the...

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